Weak Prime Minister

Two books were launched with in a week namely “Accidental Prime Minister” by Sanjay Baru and “Crusader or Conspirator” by P.C. Parekh. Both by the executives who worked closely with Prime Minister and observed day to day working of the concerned department. Obviously the timing of the book may be called as inappropriate but that does not mean, we can ignore the content of the book. Both the book takes us to a conclusion, not surprising that PM Dr. Manmohan Singh was just a titular PM, the centre of power was somewhere else. His decisions were not binding on his ministers. He can be called as a weak Prime Minister.

Elections are upon head. I don’t think after such revelations anyone would like to see such government in the near future. we certainly want a Prime Minister who can take firm decisions and deal with issues like corruption, hate speech, communal riots with iron hand. And capital market too will cheer such government, after all trust in government plays an important role in investment. I just want to see my country in the fore front.

Jai Hind.


Struggle of Life…

Each person in this world is like Arjun struggling with life. What one needs, is to be on the path of “dharma“, ride the chariot of life with charioteer like Krishna, horses of senses, wheels of intelligence and right effort. In each and every phase of life we need a charioteer like like Krishna who by his teachings and cool temper can guide you through all obstacles and lead you to victory.  With this, my first post, I seek the blessing of almighty Lord Krishna to bless me with right intellect and guide me through all obstacles.